The DOSBall League

Handy & Interesting Web Links


DOSBall on CBS Sportsline - Follow your roto stats all year long on our roto sitepitcher


DOSBall Draftmania - Home of the 2013 Inaugural DOSBall Draft


DOSBall Yahoo Group - A separate bulletin board and file area for our league


Baseball HQ - A great site for roto and APBA players alike


Baseball Prospectus - Another hardcore sabermetric site


Minor League Baseball - John Sickels' famed minor league scouting site


GMBL - John Niespodzianski's excellent BBW league, our DOSBall partner


Kilg Fantasy Baseball Tracker - Useful site for tracking all your roto stats for several leagues


Board Game Geek - Wonderful place for board game enthusiasts


APBA Games Headquarters - The guys who make the great game we playbgg


AutoIt Programming Language - Fabulous coding tool for making Windows-based programs in BASIC


QEMU Emulation Software - An open-source machine virtualizer to create DOS and WIN environments


DOSBox - Powerful open-source software for making DOS and Win9x come alive again


M.A.M.E. - An amazing emulator that brings all the classic arcade games to your modern PC


ScummVM - Creates virtual machine environments for many classic computer games


Data Driven Football - Great football program made in the style of the 1970s-era Paydirt game by SI


Ubuntu Linux - Tired of Windows? Try Linux. No viruses, great speed and all free. DOSBall runs on it, too.


Database Gaming Blog - A hardcore look at collecting board games


USA TODAY story on APBA - The APBA hobby as seen by a USA TODAY editor



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